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Annette Obrestad

Annette Obrestad is beautiful

Annette is one of the most successful online poker tournament players. With her extraordinary poker talent, she reached poker celebrity status quite rapidly while she was still a minor. As you can see from the picture, she is not just smart but very cute too.

Her nickname at pokerstars were she began playing was annette_15, as she opened her account when she was just 15 years old. This started a debate about the danger of underage gambling. We will leave this discussion for other websites. Suffice to say this is part of Annette Obrestad's legend. But online gambling should not be allowed for minors.

When Annette was still a little girl, she asked her mother to lend her her credit card to make a deposit at an online poker room. As all good mothers should, she refused. This only reinforced Annette's determination to start playing poker online, as she knew already that she was very skilled at Stud poker playing with friends and family.

So she opened an account but did not deposit any money. She could only play in freerolls, free tournaments with small prizes. Usually it is very hard to finish in the money in these tourneys as they attract a large field of players lured by the free money.

Annette Obrestad managed to win small amounts of money from these free rolls, until she had a small bankroll that let her play at the micro-limit ring games. She immediately dominated these games, climbing the stakes levels until she could play in serious games.

She then became a specialist of the large buy-in online tournaments, turning to be one of the best players and earning millions. Her final step was to transit to live poker tournaments, and she won the first WSOPE in London, a great start.

Bravo Annette, you are a star.