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NL Texas Holdem tournament strategy

Winning a no limit Texas Hold'em tournament is hard to do. It's going to take every bit of skill you have and some luck too.

It is also going to take discipline, guts and a cunning ability to read your opponents. The only thing easy about a no limit hold'em tournament is losing, if you're not careful, you can be out fast.

It is critical that when you take the time and money to enter a no limit Texas Hold'em tournament you make sure that you bring your best game to the table. If you can do this and utilize proper poker strategy then you seriously increase your chances of getting to the money and maybe even winning.

Be Selective And Play Aggressive In NL Holdem Tournaments

Although bluffing is an important part of tournament strategy, the most important part is just good hand selection and then aggressive betting. Sure, bluffing is great, but what is even better is to just play the best hands time after time.

Position is critical in no limit tournaments. The last thing you want to do is make a pot sized or even bigger raise in early or middle position just to have somebody you suspected was weak in late position come over the top for the rest of your chips. This is devastating and the best way to avoid it is to make sure that when you make that big raise from early or middle position, you have a premium holding that can take down a pot. If you are making big raises from early position make sure you have a great hand.

A good strategy to use early in the tournament is to play the following hands exclusively:

Playing tight in no limit tournaments is generally right, but you need to be able to adapt as the tournament goes on or you will find yourself in a bad position.

Opponents will take advantage of your overly tight play and peck away at your chip stack. Once your stack begins to grow and the field thins, make a conscience effort to change up your play. Loosen your hand standards slightly and begin to play more with your chips and your mind than with your cards. This will make it hard for opponents to put you on hands as you enter the toughest rounds of the tournament.

Another consideration to make as you enter the later stages of a no limit tournament is that the blinds are going to be getting quite high and there could even be an ante component depending on the tournament. Here it becomes critical to steal blinds in proper situations.

The blinds are enough money now that they become more than just an annoying bet you have to place with each rotation of the button. Use your big face cards to steal the blinds so that you have a chance in the event you are called. You don't need to try and steal with poor hands but utilize the high-ranking power of hands like KT, AT, QT or others to make semi bluff blind stealing attempts.

The most important things to remember in no limit hold'em tournament play are to be tight and aggressive in the beginning rounds and to be able to change gears as the tournament progresses.

If you are entering the pot in the early rounds, you should come in raising because if you stick to the premium hands, they will warrant such action. Stick to these strategies and your chances of ending up in the money greatly increase.