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Online Poker tells

In online poker there are no physical tells, so it may seem like player reading is nearly impossible without any clue. But in fact there are two types of online poker tells that if you master, will improve your results.

Betting patterns

Betting patterns are the patterns players make when they bet, such as their bet sizes in no-limit texas holdem poker or in pot-limit omaha. This is also true in live poker. The thing is, it becomes more important at online poker and because of online poker trackers, you can study these players table images in a more systematic way then you ever could in a brick and mortar casino.

Every player has different betting patterns, so you have to study each player. The natural tendency (and this is how people play unless they are working on not being too obvious) is to slow play and attempt to trap with big hands, and to make bigger bets with bluff and semi-bluff in order to scare opponents.

Speed of actions

The most significant online poker tell is the speed of acting. This can also exist in live poker, but in online poker you have a clock for each move, so your response time is somehow limited. As this is a computer game, if you know you want to shove when it is your turn, they you might be ready to click as soon as you play. But in live poker you must physically move your chips, so this is an entirely different way of playing. This type of tells only occurs in online poker.

If a player acts immediately, this is called "insta" play in online poker, and usually if means that the player was ready to click as soon as it was his turn. Often he has a strong hand. Another online poker tell is a player who hesitates somehow (but not too long), and then checks. Usually he has a weak hand but pretends to be thinking about betting, in order to deter his opponents from betting themselves.