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Poker bankroll management

If you are interested in online poker, you probably heard the term poker bankroll management before. As this expression is constantly repeated in online poker circles, like other expressions such as poker table image.

But what does bankroll management exactly mean?

Bankroll management explained

In short, bankroll management are all the techniques used to achieve two goals:

  1. minimizing the chance of losing your entire bankroll
  2. maximizing your profits

Based on this definition, it is clear that bankroll management is one of the most important aspects to consider when playing poker, but many poker players neglect this side of the game. As bankroll management is not the most fun part of poker, it is understandable. But it costs many otherwise very skilled players their entire bankroll, and sometimes more.

By the way, here poker bankroll means the money allocated to play poker. This is the first step even before bankroll management. You must separate your poker money from your rent money, otherwise poker will just be a gambling habit with a monthly cost, but not a profitable (or even break even) hobby or job.

The main concept in bankroll management is to define how much you want to risk at any single game or table; also you can fix limits on how much you will lose at most during a day, week or month. Typically a rule in this regard is to commit no more than x percent of your bankroll at a poker table, like 2%.

This simple rule based on statistical theory will guarantee that your risk of losing your entire bankroll is kept under a certain percentage, such as 5% per example. The key question is to determine this x % as defined above.