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Poker table image

If you have been reading poker articles, then poker table image is a concept often referred to.

But what is table image exactly?

Table image explained

In you play above low-stakes at Pokerstars or Full Tilt Poker, then you must work on your table image in order to be profitable.

Before explaining table image, the first thing to emphasize is that there are different playing style. Like in chess or other games and sports, there are styles, but in poker this is very pronounced.

The four main styles are tight-aggressive, loose-aggressive, tight-passive and loose-passive. It is thought that tight aggressive is the best style while loose passive is the worth one. This is just a simple summary of styles, as the best players know how to "mix" their style.

Table image goes to the next level. Table image is the image or style that you project at a specific table during a specific session. Let's say that you are playing in a no-limit holdem tournament and this is the first time that you play with all the opponents at your table. So all they have know about you is your table image, based on how you have been acting at this table.

But your table image could be different from your playing style. For example if a tight player just joins a table and gets a lot of good cards, playing many hands, his table image could be much looser than his true style. This is his table image of the moment, and table images change.

The key is to understand how table image works, how you can manipulate it to your advantage by using one of the favorite techniques of poker: deception. By projecting the wrong table image, you can mislead your opponents, make them make mistakes, and end up with all their chips.

For example reraise-bluffing pre flop from the big blind can be a great way to resteal a few chips if you have a tight table image.

With bankroll management and poker tells, controlling your table image is one of the strongest technique that you should focus on to become a more profitable poker player.