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Pokerstars is the leading online poker room by traffic.

Only a few poker rooms are contending for first spot in traffic: pokerstars, full tilt poker and titanpoker. Pokerstars has been number one since the introduction of UIGEA, a law restraining online gambling in the USA. As the previous number one partypoker withdrew from the American market, pokerstars took and kept the first spot since.

Being the room with the most traffic is very meaningful. In online poker it is important to have a large pool of players, so that more poker variations are available, with plenty of players in each. For example if you want to play ring game No-Limit Texas Hold'em short-handed at $0.50/$1, it is not difficult to find a table like that, as this is probably the most frequent type of table at any room.

But let's say you want to full ring NL200, this is already a bit harder to find, as this is full ring and 6-max is more popular at this limit, plus this is mid-stakes and the crowd of players starts to get smaller. But now let's say instead of NLHE, you are seeking a PLO table. Then only a few rooms will have such poker variation and format with good action.

This is the advantage of choosing a room with large traffic, and in this respect no online poker room comes close to pokerstars.