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Top Five Poker Tips

Just Like School, Take Notes

Learning about poker is just like when you were in school learning about other educational subjects. If in school you were required to take notes in order to be able to study then why shouldn't you take notes about your poker education? You might end up reading or even watching a lot of the information that you probably already know. When taking notes you can make a summary of the areas you need to educate yourself on and disregard the rest. You focus will only last so long which means you need to take notes on the important topics and don't waste any of your time on repetitive things.

Read Strategic Articles

Articles that contain poker strategy are good for players because of the information on specific subjects that are offered. Poker instructional videos are great however when trying to take notes it is much simpler to follow along while reading an article. It is probably best to bookmark some of the educational sites that offer poker content about your chosen game so you can return to look for new articles at least a few times during the week. It will be possible for you to build an excellent notebook of tips related to poker by only reading up on even a few poker education sites.

Training Sites

The Internet has some great training sites that are specifically designed for educating those people interested in playing poker. Most of the training sites for poker will have some type of membership however it is well worth it to gain the valuable knowledge some of these sites have. PokerVT is an awesome training site for poker. Joining a training site to learn poker will also help you gain access to the online poker community. Having other knowledgeable poker players to share information about poker with is a valuable tool in itself.

Training Videos

Training videos that teach poker are one of the most popular ways of learning poker online. Poker training videos make it so you participate in the playing of hands without having to risk your own money to do so. Poker experts who do the videos will most likely play through a few hands while proving a talk-through explanation of what is going on and what the expert is doing. These types of videos that involve live hands will be difficult to take notes on however they are invaluable for attaining experience.


Like the old saying goes practice will make perfect. After learning all you can by traditional methods of instruction the only way to test if any of it sunk in is to go out and play. The more you play the practice and experience you will get in. One of the best online poker rooms to practice at is Titan Poker. Sign up at Titan Poker now and use our bonus code to receive a 100% first time deposit bonus up to $500. Solidify you poker education by getting your practice and play in at Titan Poker.